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Apr 26, 2021

There are few better questions than “How can I love more?

It’s a powerful question that invites us to connect more deeply with ourselves, specific individuals and/or perhaps the world-at-large.

So why should we love more?

Well, from love flows happiness, contentment, peace and joy – and this allows you to live...

Apr 19, 2021

If you feel like you have been taking life too seriously lately and have lost your sense of laughter then it is time to #stopthemadness and prioritize fun.

Playtime isn’t just for children, absolutely not… having fun is essential – no matter your age.

Giving yourself permission to lighten up, be spontaneous and...

Apr 12, 2021

As busy, driven and ambitious women, we often don’t slow down enough to figure out what we want in life, so when the “What do you REALLY want?” question inevitably comes up, we often have not done the deep inner-thinking to clearly articulate the answer to this question.

In this episode, we look beyond the...

Apr 5, 2021

If you find yourself wasting needless hours being frustrated over situations you have no control over – listen to this short episode on how to use a simple scale to measure your current level of frustration. Also learn the 3 simple strategies that have helped workshop participants enjoy more flow in their lives.